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Cabbage Rice June 30, 2008

Posted by Balamurugan Natarajan in Food, Recipe, Veg.
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Ingredients :
1. Cabbage (1/4 Kg)
2. Onion ( 2 )
3. Ginger ( 1 Spoon )
4. Garlic ( 1 Spoon )
5. Green Chilli ( 4 #)
6. Oil ( 2 Spoon)
7. Salt (As per your taste)
8. Turmeric powder
9. Coconut ( 1/2 )
10.Somf ( 1 Spoon )

Procedure :
1. Chop Cabbage, Onions and 1 Green Chillies
2. Add graded Coconut, Ginger, Garlic, Somf and 3 Green chillis [Avoid adding water]. Grind to Masala Paste
3. Add oil to the thawa and heat it
4. Add Onion, fry until it turn golden color.
5. Add Cabbage, Green Chilli and season it untill cooked.
6. Add masala paste, Haldi and salt to the cooked ingredients.
7. Once the masala is cooked with the cabage, Add cooked rice and mix

Tip: Biriyani leaves, Cloves can also be seasoned along with cabbage to add more smell and taste. Add Ghee to add flavour

Tomato Chutney February 16, 2008

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Tomato Chutney is the simplest chutney i like the most and best for chapathi, idly and dosa.
Ingredients :
1. Tomato (3 Big )
2. Onion ( 1 Big)
3. Ginger ( 1 Spoon )
4. Red Chilli ( 4 Chillies)
5. Oil ( 2 Spoon)
5. Salt (As per your taste)

Procedure :
1. Add oil to the thawa and heat it
2. Add Red chilli, fry for few sec and keep it separately.
3. Add Onion & Ginger, fry until it turn golden color.
4. Add Tomato and heat till the uncooked smell goes.
5. Cool down all the ingredients and grind it in a mixer
6. Add Oil in a fresh thawa, garnish with mustard, urd dal and curry leaves.
7. Add the grind to the garnished oil heat it for few seconds
And serve it with Idly, Dosa or chapathi.

Tip: If you add tamrind to the ingredient, then it can be taken for travel (it won’t get spoil)

Simble Vanjaram Meen Fry (Shallow fry) February 3, 2008

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I was brought up in places which is close by sea, so we used to get fresh fish from pondicherry, chennai or cuddalore in Tamil Nadu. But after staying in hyd one thing which we miss the most is the fresh fish. The fish we get at hyderabad are either pond fish or stale fish, but at KPHB (sunday Market) one can better fishes. One such is Vanjaram. H likes it becoz of one reason. Okae Oka mullu machi πŸ˜€ . This fish is famous for its fry.
Vanjaram Fish
Ingredients :
1. Vanjaram Fish (sliced)
2. Garlic (one hand full)
3. Red Chilli powder (2 spoons)
4. Turmeric Powder (1/4 Spoon)
5. Salt (as per your taste)
6. Garam Masala (1/2 Spoon) (Optional)
7. Oil

Procedure :
1. Wash the fish with salt and turmeric powder
2. Grind the garlic into paste. [Paste aa varalana add a bit of fresh tomato juice to it, would take super – Amma voda tips]
3. Mix Garlic paste, Red Chilli, Turmeric, salt, Garam Masala to a paste
4. The paste should be just about to stick on to the fish and should not be watery
5. Marinate the fish with the paste for 5 to 10 mins
6. Fry the fish with half burner flame until it is cooked. Keep changing the side for uniform cooking.

Server it hot with tomato rasam.
I always love to have the fish fry with Amma’s Rasam.

Simple Brekkie Poha February 2, 2008

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Generally we skip Breakfast being the typical bachelor, but yenga periya anna πŸ˜‰ is always behind us to have breakfast daily. A simple meal to start a day for us would be the Poha. Thamizh la Aval nu solluvaaa πŸ˜‰ . Easy to make. Until i came to hyd, Aval (Gheti Aval to me more precise) is my evening snack with milk or pillaiyar chagurthi prasadam. Learnt the preparation from kanthi…

Ingredients :
1. Poha (Aval) 1/4 kg
2. Onion (1 or 2 large ) finely chopped
3. Tomato ( 1 large ) chopped
4. Green chillies halved
5. Channa dhal or Urad dhal or both (1 Spoon each)
6. Mustard Seeds (1/2 Spoon)
7. Fried Peanut or cashew nut (optional)
8. Half Cooked Potato (one hand full) chopped (optional)
9. Oil ( 2 to 3 spoon)
11.Turmeric Powder (1 pinch)
12.Curry Leaves

Preparation :
1. Wash the poha and drain the water. Do not soak too much
2. Dry it separately so that each rice flakes are loose
3. Season with oil, mustard and dal
4. Add Onion, tomato, turmeric powder, curry leaves, green chillies, potato and cook for 2 to 5 mins until the veges are cooked. Avoid adding water to this.
5. Add Salt
6. Add wet poha
7. Mix and cook until all the ingredients are mixed thoroughly. Can add oil as per ur taste.
8. Add Peanuts / Cashew nut if you have.

Server it hot with Nestle Curd.
hmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmmm.. Breakfast ready…

Palada Pradhaman January 23, 2008

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Pradhaman Recipe : It is a native kerala dish easy to make, but need little bit of patience for the milk to condense. Ada is an ingredient made of rice. In kerala people prepare Ada at home, which is a bit painful thing.
Prakash got us Ada packets from coimbatore. There are different types of Pradhamans unique to Kerala. Some of the very famous ones being adapradhaman, chakkapradhaman, palada pradhaman, parippu pradhaman, idichu pizhinja payasam, aval pradhaman, wheat Pradhaman, etc.

Last few days we were busy and few of milk packets got pilled up in our refrigerator, so decided to do palada pradaman. The recipe goes like this…

Ingredients :

  1. Milk (1 1/2 Ltr)
  2. Ada (1/2 Cup)
  3. Sugar (1 1/2 Cup)
  4. Ghee (As per your love for the guest πŸ˜‰ 4 to 5 Spoons)
  5. Cashewnut (same as above, 100 gms)
  6. Cardomom (3 to 4 pods)

Procedure :

  1. Boil water in a vessel with excess quantity. When it starts to boil, switch it off. Add ada and close vessel lid.
  2. Leave it aside for 30 mins to get cooked.
  3. Mean while start boiling the milk
  4. Once the ada is cooked, drain the water gently
  5. Wash it in cold water and spread it so that it cools down and looses the wetness.
  6. Add the ada to the boiling milk
  7. Add the Ghee
  8. keep stirring until it condenses.
  9. Add sugar in the last and stir until you get as you see in the pic πŸ˜‰
  10. Add ground cardomom
  11. Add the cashewnuts

As always server it hot and love.


Check some more clicks here : http://picasaweb.google.com/bnatarajan/KuttibaluSKitchenRecipeBlog

Coconut Rice January 23, 2008

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Ingredients :

1. Grated Coconut (Half)
2. Channa Dal (2), Urud Dal (1), Mustard Seeds (1/2) (Spoons)
3. Red Chillies (3 to 4 chillies)
4. Asafoetida powder (1/2 spoons)
5. Salt (one portion)
6. Rice 2 cups (boil and keep it seperately)
7. Coconut Oil, Cashew (optional items)

Preparation :
1. Heat the oil in the vessel.
2. Add asafoetida powder and then mustard, channa dal, urud dal and Red Chillies
3. Once the oil is seasoned and the dal color starts to change to golden color, add coconut
4. Add salt (half portion).
6. Add Coconut oil (optional)
7. Add the boiled rice.
8. Add the cashew if you have.
9. Mix all the added stuff and

Serve with appalam (papad). It goes good with tomato chutney or any pickle.
ensoy πŸ™‚

Lamp Leg Soup (Aatukaal Soup) January 22, 2008

Posted by Balamurugan Natarajan in Food, Non-Veg, Recipe.

Ingredients :
1. Lamp Leg (1/2 Kg or 4 legs)
2. Pepper (4 table spoon), Zeera (2 table spoon) and Somph (1/2 table spoon)
3. Garlic (Handful). The more you add, the more the taste.
4. Onion (one big size)
5. Tomato (2 big size)
6. Water (2 ltr)
7. Turmeric powder (1/2 table spoon) and salt
8. Coriander leaves.

Preparation :
1. Clean the legs by burning and removing the hairs. Clean with turmeric powder to remove the smell.
2. Finely chop the Onion, Tomatos
3. Grind the pepper, zeera and somph.
4. Tie the above dry powder in a cloth so that only the essence is extracted to the soup.
5. Add leg, water, turmeric powder, onion, tomato in a cooker vessel
6. Add a pinch of garamasala if you have (optional)
7. Add the cloth to the cooker.
8. Cook for the mix until 7 to 8 whistle.
9. Leave it undisturbed until the pressure commes down.
10 Add coriander leave, close the lid and leave it for 10 mins.

Clear thin Soup ready, add pepper powder if required for a hot spicy soup.
Serve hot!!! The legs can be replaced with the mutton bones, in case you don’t get cleaned lamp legs.

Bon Appetite πŸ™‚

Spicy South Indian Shark Hash – Sura Puttu January 14, 2008

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Ingredients :
1. Shark (700gms),
2. Onions (3 big ones)(the more you take, the more the content and the taste),
3. Garlic cloves (handful – same logic as for onions)(Do not use the paste available in the market)
4. Ginger (half the size of little finger)(paste is ok here)
5. others [Turmeric powder, curry leaves, Green chillies, cloves, DalChini, Bay leaves, pepper powder, salt and oil]

Procedure :
1. Boil water in a vessel with water level just to immerse the shark in it. Once it starts to boil, drop the cleaned (with turmeric and salt) shark and let it get cooked for 10min with the lid closed. 10 min is sufficient, peel the skin (just like potato peeling – Easy one). Do not leave it in water for a longer time as it would make the puttu as a paste. Remove the inner middle bone, shred and smash the shark flesh with pepper powder (red chilli powder can also be used), turmeric and salt.
2. Vessel + oil + burner on, season the oil with cloves, DalChini, Bayleaves, green Chilli, curry leave. Awesome smell it would be at this time.
3. Add the onions to fry, add the garlic and ginger smashed in mixie. Fry to golden color.
4. Add the smashed shark, keep frying for 5 mins until, the smell of turmeric disapears


Heaven it would be when Servered for a Sambar or hot Tomato Rasam.
Server hot with love and affection on a banana leaf. If your guest is a fish lover and a big lazy *** like me, sure they would love it.

Documented from Kuttibalu.blogspot.com

Carrot Rice December 20, 2007

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Ingredients :
1. Carrot (2 nos)
2. Onion (3 big size)
4. Rice (2 Cups)
5. Green Chillies (2)
6. Egg (1) – Optional
7. Coriander & Curry leaves

Procedure :
1. Grade the carrot
2. Chop the Onion (finely chopped onions would be better) & Green Chillies
3. Boil rice and have it separate. (Do it parallely)
3. Heat the kadai in stove
3. Add oil and season using mustard and Urud Dal.
4. Add the Chopped Onion
5. When half cooked, add the carrot, Green Chilies and Egg (optional)
6. Add a pinch of haldi and half portion of salt
7. Add the boiled rice and the remaining portion of salt
8. Add coriander & curry leaves.

Server it hot and Enjoy the food. Should serve 2 people.
This prep can be taken for lunch, and the micro-oven heated food is smells good. It is healthy too.

Kaara Kozhambhu November 18, 2007

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Ingredients :
1. Onion – 1 (big),
2. Garlic cloves (handful),
3. Tomato – 2 (mid sized)
4. Potato or Brinjal or Drum Stick (After Chopping, a handful)
5. Sambhar Powder or Chilli powder
6. Gingili Oil (4 spoons)
7. Tamarind (One lemon size)

Procedure :
Add 3 cups of water to the tamarind to extract the juice. (you will end up getting 2 cups of Kaara Kozhambhu at the end)
In a hot pan, season the oil with vadavam or usual mustard, urud dhal. Add the chopped onion, Garlic cloves (cut in the middle – if you have time). Fry till golden color.
Add Tomato and Vegie and fry for 3 to 5 mins.
Add Sambhar Powder (2 times the portion which you used to add for usual sambhar)
Add Tamarind Juice and salt as per your requirement.
Boil it until the thick juice of kozhambhu (until 1/3 or juice evaporates)
Add 4 spoon of Ginjili Oil (this gives the smell and taste to the kozhambhu, so don’t miss this)

Serve hot.

PS : If Murungakai hmmm.. agatum agatum πŸ˜‰